Capstone and Internships

Linguistics majors take one of three Capstone Courses, which include internship and research opportunities. These help to solidify your knowledge in the field and help jump-start your after-Pitt career.

LING 1900 Linguistic Consulting/Internship
This for seniors who seek in-field work experience prior to graduation. Students work with the instructor in one term to secure an internship in a company of interest, and then have a work experience in the following term. Students have worked at Pittsburgh firms or offices such as M*Modal, Voci Technologies and Semantic Compaction Systems as well as research labs at Carnegie Mellon University. 

If you are interested in internships, contact Abdesalam Soudi, the Department of Linguistics internship coordinator. 

LING 1903 Directed Research
This gives students the opportunity to work with concepts learned in other courses in a real-world research setting. While working on either a pre-existing or self-created project, students are able to pursue further understanding of the field by contributing to the research sector. 

If you are interessted in directed research, contact Jevon Heath who coordinates the course. In addition, you should inquire professors and grad students you know about research opportunities. 

LING 1930 Applications of Linguistics
This course gives an overview of linguistic jobs in a variety of fields. Each spring, students present, discuss, and write papers on linguists' influences and contributions to fields like medicine, law, and education.