When you declare as a linguistics major, you will be assigned to one of our four undergraduate advisors below. If you do not have an assigned advisor, you can write to regarding general inquiries.

Meet the Advisors

We have four advisors in our advising team.

Jevon Heath, Director, Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Heath's areas of interest are sociophonetics and psycholinguistics--but ask him about communicating with aliens or studying endangered languages!

Na-Rae Han
Dr. Han is the director of the Robert Henderson Language Media Center. Her area is computational linguistics.

Claude Mauk
Dr. Mauk is an award-winning advisor. He is also the director of the Less-Commonly Taught Languages Center (LCTL); his specialization is phonetics.

Abdesalam Soudi (internship coordinator)
Dr. Soudi is the internship coordinator. His areas of research are sociolinguistics and Arabic linguistics.

Advising Instructions

Advisors meet with their students at least once per semester, before or during the registration period. We use Pitt's Pathway advising platform. Shortly before this period, you will get an email from your assigned advisor on instructions on how to book your appointment. Please note that some advisors may not use the appointment calendar year-round; if you need to meet any other time of the year, you may want to directly contact your advisor to schedule a meeting.