Research Facilities

We have recently-installed equipment and space to support both small- and large-scale psycholinguistic and perceptual experiments. We have four sound-attenuated booths, three of which are equipped with eye-tracking equipment, and a data processing center. Our Language Media Center, completely renovated in 2017, holds two labs, one equipped with PCs and the other with MACs, that are used for language learning classes and that can also be used for large-scale experiments.

The Linguistics Lab


The Robert Handerson Language Media Center

The RHLMC has a dual mission: promoting technologies in language instruction, and supporting research in linguistics and the language arts. 

The Mac Lab and the PC lab

The center has two computer labs that can be reserved for running computer-based experiments.  The Mac lab (left) has 20 stations, and the PC lab (right) has 28. 

The Recording Studio, Media Development Center, Checkout Equipment

The center has a sound-proof recording booth, a media development center equpped with audio-processing software, and an array of checkout equipment including laptops, high-quality audio recording devices, and more. 

Technical Assistance

The center also has a roster of student workers who can provide technical assistance.  They are trained on tasks such as multimedia format conversion and editing. In addition, we have an in-house Student IT Specialist with computer science training, who consults on projects that can be facilitated through the use of programming languages such as Python.