Our faculty and graduate students work with real data generated in labs or collected in the field. While we have three Areas of Concentration (ARCO) at the graduate level, our people work in many more research clusters than these ARCOs suggest. We explore issues of race, gender, identity, and transnational politics as expressed in language; we document threatened languages; we work on sound and perception and much more. Check out our research clusters and take a look at the topics our colloquium series covers. Learn more about our methodologies and our lab spaces.

Prospective students: we encourage you to reach out to current graduate students to find out more about the program, their research interests, and even life in Pittsburgh!

Second Language Acquisition

We've been researching and teaching second language acqusition since the department was created in 1965.


How people talk to each other depends on factors of age, race, gender, and so much more!

Hispanic Linguistics

One of our Areas of Concentration is a specialization in Hispanic Linguistics.

Research Methodologies

We give our students the tools they need to support the research they are interested in doing.

Research Facilities

Our modern facilities and equipment support both small- and large-scale psycholinguistic and perceptual experiments.