Marta Ortega-Llebaria

  • Associate Professor

Courses Taught

LING 1000 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 1578 Phonetics and Phonemics (undergraduate) 
LING 1579 Phonology
LING 2578 Phonetics and Phonemics (graduate) 
LING 2391 Phonology of Spanish
LING 2397 Special Topics in Hispanic Linguistics: Dialectology and Intonation
LING 2397 Special Topics in Hispanic Linguistics: L2 Phonetics

Education & Training

  • PhD, Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Post-Doc, University College London

Representative Publications

Ortega-Llebaria, M,, Olson, D.,  Tuninetti, A. (2018). Explaining Cross-Language Asymmetries in Prosodic Processing: The Cue-Driven Window Length Hypothesis. Language and Speech. Article.

Wu, Z. and Ortega-Llebaria, M. (2017). Pitch shape modulates the time course of tone vs. pitch accent processing in Mandarin Chinese. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 141 (3), pp. 2263-2276. Article

Ortega-Llebaria, M., Nemoga, M., Presson, N. (2015). Long-term experience with a tonal language shapes the perception of intonation in English words: How Chinese-English bilinguals perceive ‘Rose?’ vs. ‘Rose’.  Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, pp.1-17. Article

Ortega-Llebaria, M. and Bosch, L. (2015). “Cues to dialectal discrimination in early infancy: A look at prosodic, rhythmic and segmental properties”. In Joaquin Romero and Maria Riera (Eds.), The Phonetics-Phonology Interface: Representations and Methodologies. John Benjamins: Amsterdam/Philadelphia, pp. 55-70. Article

Ortega-Llebaria, M. and Colantoni, L. (2014). “The L2 acquisition of English intonation: form-meaning associations and maintenance of auditory resolution to acoustic cues.”  Studies in Second Language Acquisition 36 (2), pp. 331-353. Abstract

Ortega-Llebaria, M., Hong, G., Fan, Y. (2013). “English speakers' perception of Spanish lexical stress: Context-driven L2 stress perception.” Journal of Phonetics 41 (3-4), pp. 186-197. Abstract

Ortega-Llebaria, M. and Prieto, P. (2011). “Acoustic correlates of stress in Central Catalan and Castilian Spanish.” Language and Speech 54(1), pp. 1-25. Abstract

Ortega-Llebaria, M., Prieto, P. and Vanrell, M. (2010). “Catalan speakers’ perception of word stress in unaccented contexts.” Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 127 (1), pp. 462-471. Abstract

Research Interest Summary

Sound and Hispanic Linguistics. Intonation, rhythm and tone; acquisition of L1 and L2 prosody; cross language speech perception and production via laboratory phonology and psycholinguistic methods.

Research Cluster