Karen E. Park

  • Assistant Professor

Education & Training

  • DPhil in Linguistics, University of Oxford
  • MPhil in Linguistics, University of Oxford
  • BA in English, Grinnell College

Representative Publications

Karen Park (in preparation). ‘The Selective Properties of Verbs in Reflexive Constructions.’

Karen Park (2013). 'Reflexive Marking in Fijian.' Studies in Language 37(4): 764-809. 

Karen Park (2012). 'Dialect Choice in Fiji: A variationist approach to language change in the South Pacific' in Gunther De Vogelaer and Guido Seiler (eds.) The Dialect Laboratory: Dialects as a testing ground for theories of language change. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Karen Park (2008). 'Evidence of a Fijian Reflexive and its Implications in Anaphoric Binding Theory' University of Wisconsin LSO Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 8: Proceedings of WIGL 6.

Research Interest Summary

Syntax, Lexical Functional Grammar, Austronesian languages, sociolinguistics, language change, language loss, and ethnobiology.

Research Cluster