Dawn E. McCormick

  • Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Director, ELI

Courses Taught

LING 2142 Techniques and Procedures for Teaching English as a Second Language
LING 2139 Approaches and Methods for Second Language Teaching 
LING 2195 Seminar: ESL Teacher Supervision

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh
  • MEd/TESOL Certificate, University of Pittsburgh
  • BA, Grove City College

Representative Publications

McCormick, D. E., & Vercellotti, M. L. (2013). Examining the impact of self-correction notes on grammatical accuracy in speaking. TESOL Quarterly, 47 (2), 410-420. 

McCormick, D. E., Menasche, L., Smith Slaathaug, M., & Yogman, J. L. (2004). Words for students of English: A vocabulary series for ESL (Volume 8 Advanced Level). Ann Arbor: Michigan University Press.

McCormick, D. E., & McLaughlin, S. (2000). The context of ESL computer literacy: Participants, technology, language, and content. Mosaic, 7(4), 17-21.

McCormick, D. E., & Donato, R. (2000). Teacher questions as scaffolded assistance in an ESL classroom. In J. K. Hall & L. S. Verplatse (Eds.), The Development of Second and Foreign Language Learning through Classroom Interaction. LEA.

Forman, E. A., McCormick, D. E., & Donato, R. (1998). Learning what counts as mathematical explanation: Linguistics and Education, 9 (4), 313-339. 

Antonek, J. L, McCormick, D. E., & Donato, R. (Spring, 1997). The student-teacher portfolio as autobiography: Developing a professional identity. The Modern Language Journal, 81 (1), 15-27.

Forman, E. A., & McCormick, D. E. (May, 1995). Discourse analysis: A sociocultural perspective. Remedial and Special Education, 16(3), 150-158.

Donato, R., & McCormick, D. E. (Winter, 1994). A sociocultural perspective on language learning strategies: The role of mediation. The Modern Language Journal, 78 (4), 453-464.

Research Interest Summary

L2 Acquisition, TESOL, pedagogy

Research Cluster