Dan Villarreal

  • Assistant Professor

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of California, Davis
  • MA, University of California, Davis
  • BA, College of William and Mary

Representative Publications

Villarreal, Dan, Lynn Clark, Jennifer Hay, and Kevin Watson. 2020. From categories to gradience: Auto-coding sociophonetic variation with random forests. Laboratory Phonology 11.1-31.

Villarreal, Dan, Lynn Clark, Jennifer Hay, and Kevin Watson. 2019. How to train your classifier.

Holliday, Nicole, and Dan Villarreal. 2020. Intonational variation and incrementality in listener judgments of ethnicity. Laboratory Phonology 11.1-21.

Villarreal, Dan, and Mary Kohn. 2020. Local meanings for supra-local change: Perceptions of TRAP backing in Kansas. American Speech.

Villarreal, Dan. 2018. The construction of social meaning: A matched-guise investigation of the California Vowel Shift. Journal of English Linguistics 46.52-78.

Research Interest Summary

Sociolinguistics, Computational linguistics, Phonetics, Language variation and change

Research Interests

Dan Villarreal’s research takes a computational approach to investigate how speakers and listeners make use of the tremendous phonetic variability that characterizes everyday speech. This focus includes research on the social meanings listeners attach to phonetic variation, computational methods for automating coding of sociophonetic variables, and the phonetic implementation of rhoticity in different speech communities.

Research Cluster