Core Linguistics Faculty

Linguistics Research Faculty

Graduate faculty in the linguistics department whose main focus is research and who can advise a PhD thesis.

Assistant Professor
Psycholinguistics, Bilingualism, Speech Production & Perception
Associate Professor
Chair, Department of
Pidgins & Creoles, Language variation & change
Director of English; Center Associate,
L2 Acquisition, TESOL, Syntax & Semantics
Assistant Professor
Hispanic Linguistics, L2 Acquisition, Sociolinguistic Variation
Language & gender, stance, ethnicity, language change, Pittsburgh... (More)
Assistant Professor
Sound and Hispanic Linguistics. Intonation, rhythm and tone;... (More)
Assistant Professor
Syntax, Lexical Functional Grammar, Austronesian languages,... (More)

Linguistics Teaching Faculty

Faculty who teach in our linguistics programs and/or administer our certificate programs.

Instructor, LCTL Program Coordinator, LCTL Minors Advisor
Lecturer, Arabic Instructor (Egyptian/Levantine), Arabic Language Program Coordinator, Arabic Certificate Advisor, Certified ILR OPI Tester (Egyptian Arabic)
Arabic Language and Culture Certificate
Director, Robert
Computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, NLP
ASL Instructor, ASL Program Coordinator, ASL Certificate Advisor
American Sign Language Certificate Coordinator
Visiting Lecturer
Language change, linguistic typology, phonetic perception
Senior Lecturer
Director, Undergraduate; Director, Less-Commonly-
Phonetics, ASL, Structure and Sociolinguistics of ASL
Senior Lecturer
Associate Director, ELI
L2 Acquisition, TESOL, pedagogy
ESL Coordinator
L2 Acquisition, Linguistic Structures
Associate Director, ELI
Linguistic Structures, ESL
Linguistic Internship; Cultural and Linguistic
Conversation analysis, Sociolinguistics, Arabic Linguistics

Affiliated Faculty

People housed in other departments at Pitt and at Carnegie Mellon University who contribute to graduate student research.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology,
Ethnicity, Nationalism and the State, South Asia, Language...
Professor of foreign language education,
Applied linguistics, second and foreign language...
Associate Professor, English Education and
Critical Language Pedagogy, code-switching, code-meshing
Paul Mellon Distinguished Professor of
Discourse analysis, discourse and grammar, Germanic...
Professor of Rhetoric and Linguistics,
Discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, linguistic...
Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon
Lexical-functional grammar, lexical semantics, machine...
Professor of psychology and linguistics
Psycholinguistics, reading, comprehension, language and...
Professor of philosophy, Carnegie Mellon
Natural language semantics and pragmatics, philosophy of...
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Adult second language learning, bilingualism, within and...
Paul Mellon Distinguished Professor of
Applied linguistics, individual differences in second...
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Adult sentence comprehension; syntactic, semantic and...