Claude E. Mauk

  • Teaching Professor
  • Director, Less-Commonly-Taught Languages Center

Courses Taught

LING 1578 Phonetics and Phonemics
LING 1720/2720 Structure of Sign Languages
LING 1721/2721 Sociolinguistics of Sign Language

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Representative Publications

Meier, Richard P., Claude Mauk, Christopher J. Moreland and Adrianne Cheek. Forthcoming. The Form of Children's Early Signs: Iconic or Motoric Determinants? Accepted to Language Learning and Development.

Mauk, Claude E., Lindblom, Bjšrn & Meier, Richard P. In Press. Undershoot of ASL locations in fast signing. Proceedings of Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research 8 in Barcelona, September 30 - October 2, 2004.

Lindblom, Bjorn, Claude Mauk and Seung-Jae Moon. In Press. Dynamic specification and the production of speech and sign. Dynamics of Speech Production and Perception, ed. P. Divenyi and G. Meyer. NATO Science Series.

Mauk, Claude E.. 2003. Consonant dynamics: Rate- and vowel-dependence. Proceedings from the 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. Universitat Aut˜noma de Barcelona: Barcelona, Spain. 

Conlin, Kimberly E., Gene Mirus, Claude Mauk and Richard P. Meier. 1999. Acquisition of first signs: place, handshape and movement. Language by Eye, ed. C. Chamberlain, Jill P. Morford & Rachel Mayberry. Lawrence Erlbaum: Hillside, NJ.

Cormier, Kearsy, Claude Mauk and Ann Repp. 1998. Manual babbling in deaf and hearing infants: a longitudinal study. Proceedings from Child Language Research Forum 28, ed. Eve V. Clark. CSLI Press: Stanford. 

Meier, Richard P., Claude Mauk, Gene Mirus and Kimberley E. Conlin. 1998. Motoric constraints on early sign production. Proceedings from Child Language Research Forum 28, ed. Eve V. Clark. CSLI Press: Stanford.

Research Interest Summary

Phonetics, ASL, Structure and Sociolinguistics of ASL

Research Interests

Claude Mauk is interested in phonetics, phonology, language acquisition and psycholinguistics particularly as they relate to American Sign Language (ASL). He is particularly interested in the nature and realization of phonetic and phonological targets in spoken and signed languages and has researched this topic in the areas of acoustics, kinematics, and first language acquisition.