Amani Attia

  • Senior Lecturer, Arabic Instructor (Egyptian/Levantine), Arabic Language Program Coordinator, Arabic Certificate Advisor, Certified ILR OPI Tester (Egyptian Arabic)

Courses Taught

Modern Standard Arabic/ Egyptian dialect (various levels: LING 0141- 0146)
Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature LING 1523 
Arabic Life and Thought (LING 1522)
Readings in Arabic (LING 1524)

Education & Training

  • PhD University of Alexandria, Egypt University College Dublin, Ireland

Representative Publications

2000 Attia, Amani. Big Things/ Small Things: A Deconstructive Reading of Arundhati Roy The God of Small Things, Published in Modernism and Post Modernism: East and West. The Sixth International Symposium on Comparative Literature. November 21-23, 2000. English Department, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, pp. 151-177.

1998 Attia, Amani. The English Patient: A Metaphoric Representation of the Cycle of Civilization, Published in The Arabs and Britain: Changes and Exchanges. Proceedings of a Conference held in Cairo March 23-25,1998, The British Council. pp 402-410.

1996 Attia, Amani. The Motif of Mutilation of Character and Setting in The Alexandria Quartet" Published in the Faculty of Arts, University of Alexandria Bulletin, no. 47, 1997-1998 pp.1-29. Reprinted in Durrell in Alexandria, On Miracle Ground IX: Conference Proceedings Alexandra, Egypt.

Research Interest Summary

Arabic Language and Culture Certificate

Research Interests

Coming from a literature background, Amani Attia is interested in the modern Arabic novel, and modern critical theory. She has written and presented on modern literary works applying theories of postcolonialism, feminism, and deconstruction.