Pitt Presents at the Hispanic Linguistics Symposium

The research of five current members of the Pitt Linguistics community was presented at the Hispanic Linguistics Symposium at Texas Tech University, October 26-28, 2017.  Silvia Pisabarro Sarrió presented work on the expression of the future in both the Spanish and Catalan of bilingual speakers in Tarragona, Spain. Dr. Melinda Fricke and Farrah Neumann considered the effects of study abroad on L1 and L2 perception of voice onset time. Farrah and Dr. Matt Kanwit compared the acquisition of two types of command forms (imperatives and optatives) by learners studying abroad and learners studying in a traditional L2 classroom.  Finally, Virginia Terán and Dr. Kanwit presented variable morphosyntactic intensification among a tripartite intensifier system (muy, bien, and re) in Argentinean Spanish.