Pitt Presents at 2017 SLRF

The Pitt contingent made a strong presence at the Second Language Acquisition Forum (SLRF) at Ohio State University, October 12-15, 2017. From left to right: Nausica Marcos Miguel (PhD 2013, Assistant Professor at Dennison University), Mike Olsen (PhD 2013, Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin Stevens Point), Alan Juffs, Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Natasha Tokowicz, Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh; Pitt graduate students Silvia Pisabarrio and Farrah Neuman; Matt Kanwit, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh; and Noriyasu Li, post-doc researcher, University of Pittsburgh. Not pictured: Patti Spinner (PhD, 2007, Associate Professor, Michigan State).

Hail 2 Pitt!