Kanwit Publishes Article in Studies in Second Language Acquisition

Dr. Matt Kanwit has published a new, first-authored article, now available online ahead of print in Studies in Second Language Acquisition. The article is co-authored with Kimberly Geeslin and analyzes the interpretation of Spanish copulas by native speakers (NSs) and a range of learners. The authors selected nine adjectives classified as typically co-occurring with ser, estar, or both copulas, based on corpus data. In the subsequent interpretation task, adjectives that typically co-occur with the same copula(s) (i.e., members of the same adjective class) yielded similar responses for both NSs and more advanced learners, although differences were still discernible within a particular adjective class (i.e., there were lexical effects based on which adjective was used). SSLA has a 2-year impact factor of 2.702.