Drs. Vercellotti and McCormick co-author paper

Dr. Mary Lou Vercellott, who received her PhD in Linguistics from the University of Pittsburgh in  2012 and is now Associate Professor of English at Ball State University, and ELI Associate Director Dr. Dawn E. McCormick co-authored “Self-correction Profiles of L2 English Learners: A Longitudinal Multiple-Case Study” in the current edition of TESOL-EJ (November 2018, Volume 22, Number 3).

Dr. Vercellotti and Dr. McCormick describe the self-correction profiles of four learners in an intensive English program, focusing on during-production corrections, abandoned utterances, and post-performance correction notes.  Data were collected from two-minute monologic speeches and subsequent correction activities over the course of three academic semesters.  The authors suggest that student self-correction is multidimentional, including attempt frequency, timing, correction focus, outcome, and change to study language learner self-correction.