Congratulations to Dr. Viktoria Battista on her promotion to Lecturer II!

Viktoria Batista has been at Pitt since 2015 and has taught courses in German and Slavic while reestablishing and expanding Pitt's Hungarian program at LCTL. Besides teaching German and Hungarian and leading countless recitations for Pitt's most successful course, Russian Fairy Tales, she has also run the German Department's large enrollment courses, Indo-European Folktales and Germanic Myths, Legends and Sagas numerous times. She also served as the German Department's first Internship Coordinator and built up the Pitt in Munich Study Abroad program. She has been a member of the Education section of the American-Hungarian Educators' Association Conference Program Committee since 2019 and is currently working on organizing a panel at the 2021 NeMLA convention about best practices in teaching the languages of Central and Eastern Europe.

Congratulations, Viktoria!