An education at Pitt is an education in being a global citizen. The University offers classes in 35 languages and many of them are taught in the Department of Linguistics. Our class sizes are small, so your experience is intense and personal. Plus, we're now offering minors in nine languages that you won't find taught at many other colleges or universities!

And check out the numerous Study Abroad options where you can put your language skills to use: Study Abroad in Sweden (Swedish), Tanzania (Swahili), Bolivia (Quechua), London (British Sign Language), and more!

The Department of Linguistics oversees three centers devoted to language learning as well as two certificates.

Robert Henderson Language Media Center (RHLMC)

We use technology to enhance language learning. The RHLMC has two computer labs, a recording studio, and a multimedia development area.

Less-Commonly-Taught Languages Center (LCTL)

We offer more than a dozen languages not often taught such as Irish, Hungarian, Turkish, Amharic, and Swahili.

Arabic Certificate

Find information on our undergraduate certificate in Arabic Language and Linguistics.