MA Programs in Linguistics and TESOL

We offer several different Master of Arts (MA) degrees and options to prepare our graduates for careers that include traditional academic trajectories, positions in linguistically-oriented businesses, or as certificated instructors both domestically and internationally as teachers of English as a second or additional language. Our English Language Institute for non-matriculated students provides our MA students with unparalleled opportunities to engage with adult language learners or to work with data created by the learning process.

Two Year MA in Linguistics or Applied Linguistics

We offer a terminal, two-year MA degree which allows you to choose focus areas from five categories: (A) Sociolinguistics, (B) Hispanic Linguistics, (C) Second Language Pedagogy, (D) A specific language including Less-Commonly-Taught-Languages, and (E) Statistics/Data Science. Some of our students choose to earn their TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate.

One Year MA in TESOL

This exciting program will prepare you to teach English as a Second Language to adults both in the United States and internationally.  

MA/PhD Program

A combined program designed for students entering with a BA with the intention of earning a PhD. The program consists of core course work, requirements for specific Areas of Concentration (ARCOs), preliminary exams, comprehensive exams, and dissertation work.  


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