English Language Comprehensibility Test for International Teaching Assistants/Fellows

All University of Pittsburgh graduate students who are not native speakers of English and who have been appointed as Teaching Assistants (TAs) or Teaching Fellows (TFs) must be tested before being assigned any teaching duties. This includes students who have attended universities in the United States, including the University of Pittsburgh, and those who have been TAs/TFs at other U.S. institutions.

The Testing Program

For a complete description of the test and implications for teaching assignments, please refer to ITA - English Language Comprehensibility Testing.

Testing Schedule

Beginning the week of April 20, 2020, the English Comprehensibility Test (ECT) for International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) will be conducted remotely, via Zoom, a live video-conferencing application. The test will follow the same sequence as in-person testing, consisting of a personal interview and teaching demonstration; however, all participants will interact via live video and chat from their personal computer, tablet, or phone. Please note that a faculty member from the ITA's academic department must take part in the test. To schedule a Remote ITA English Comprehensibility Test, please contact Andy Yaros (ary13@pitt.edu