2016 Conference: Humanities in Health

Humanities in Health Conference

Held April 7, 2016

The humanities are vital to an informed and engaged society. Keeping them strong requires that we value their positive impact and embrace their important role in other disciplines. As part of the Provost’s Year of the Humanities initiative in 2016, we organized a one day conference around the topic of humanities in health. This served to enhance the visibility of humanities in medicine. The University of Pittsburgh’s Humanities in Health Conference was an opportunity to showcase and foster collaborations and partnerships between humanities and health in research, education, care services, and other work throughout our institution and community.

This event was also sponsored by the Department of Linguistics, the Department of Family Medicine, and the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Services. For more information please contact Dr. Abdesalam Soudi at HinH@pitt.edu.