Minor Requirements

An undergraduate minor in linguistics would be particularly useful for students majoring in English, foreign languages, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, sociology, communications, speech science, neuroscience, computer science, and information science, as well as for students with an interest in teaching English as a second language, going to law school, or otherwise choosing a profession in which language plays a crucial part.

The minor consists of 15 credits and comprises the following courses:

  • LING 1000 Introduction to Linguistics
  • Four electives, chosen from the linguistics courses at the 1000 level (e.g. Syntax, Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Historical Linguistics, Aspects of Sociolinguistics, Introduction to Applied Linguistics, and more)

Please note that courses that already counted toward other certificates (ASL, Arabic) or minors may not double count. For example, if you took LING 1522 Arabic Life & Thought for your Arabic certificate, it cannot be applied toward your Ling Minor.