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University of Pittsburgh


Reading Groups

Graduate students attending a talk.

Conversations About Phonology and Phonetics (CAPS)

Conversations About Phonology and Phonetics (CAPS) is an informal reading/discussion group of students and faculty in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh. The group meets biweekly to discuss articles and/or present papers related to phonetics and phonology. The work represents areas of linguistics such as sociophonetics, psycholinguistics, and phonology.

Social Meaning in Language (SMiLe)

This group works through some of the most important—but difficult—literature in understanding social meaning in language. Each week the group reads a chapter, article, or portion thereof, and together works through the concepts and significance of the current reading. Application to data or other literature is encouraged but not essential. It is absolutely essential, however, that all participants carefully read the reading for the week—otherwise they will get nothing out of it!

Python Linguistics Group (PyLing)

The Pitt Python Linguistics Group, PyLing for short, is a group of computationally-minded linguists around Pitt. It is open to faculty, graduate students and undergrad students who like using Python, a popular programming language, in their research and school projects. We meet every other Monday in the evening. A typical meeting includes a Python tutorial, a presentation on a computational linguistic topic, and a Python challenge. Please email Na-Rae Han if you are interested in joining.