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University of Pittsburgh

Social Groups at Linguistics Department

Below are groups within the department that meet for socialization or a common interest. For research-related groups, please visit this page.


Yinzling is the undergraduate linguistics club here at Pitt. We are a completely student run organization that holds regular monthly meetings on the 28th floor. Meetings consist of graduate speakers, undergraduate speakers, foreign film nights, and more. Two or three times a semester we also have free coffee breaks with the department, where students can get to know faculty and grad students while enjoying free coffee. The name means ‘your language’; it comes from ‘yinz (yunz)’, Pittsburghese for ‘you all’, and ling, which is short for language. For more information or to join our mailing list, email us at We are also on Facebook:

Pitt Python Linguistics Group (PyLing)

PyLing visits Google Pittsburgh office to meet alumni and learn about linguists' roles in tech.

The Pitt Python Linguistics Group, PyLing for short, is a group of computationally-minded linguists around Pitt and also CMU. It is open to faculty, graduate students and undergrad students who like using Python, a popular programming language, in their research and other projects. A typical meeting includes a Python tutorial, a presentation on a computational linguistic topic, or a Python programming challenge. We occasionally welcome guest speakers and enjoy field trips. Please checkout the Facebook PyLing group page and email Na-Rae Han if you are interested in joining.

Green Ling Initiative

The Department of Linguistics is going green with easy-to-implement practices that will help to reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling. Members of the GreenLing committee send emails regarding steps that department members can take to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Look for the Green Wug mascot posted around the department to point out Green measures, and remember – Redd Up, Green Up!

The GreenLingers have achieved so far:

  • Increased the availability of paper recycling containers throughout the department
  • Emailed reminders to shut off lights, computers, and printers when not in use
  • Emailed reminders that #1 and #2 plastic can be put in the “cans and bottles” recycling containers on campus and posted triangular wug signs as reminders
  • Encouraged department members to take #3, #4, and #5 plastic items home to recycle

For more information on recycling, please read this page on Pitt's university-wide recycling program. There are also many sustainability-oriented programs at Pitt.