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University of Pittsburgh

Visiting Scholars and Postdocs

We have the following scholars currently visiting our department:

Past visitors can be found in this section.


Chen Guangwei

(sponsor: Dr. Alan Juffs)
Guangxi Teachers Education University, China

Guangwei Chen is a faculty member at Guangxi Teachers Education University, Nanning, China, working as full professor of English linguistics, MA supervisor, and chief librarian of the university. He teaches English and conducts research on English teaching and English teacher education. He has been the deputy dean of the School of Foreign Languages since April, 1999, being responsible for the teaching administration affairs of the English speciality. As a visiting scholar to the department of linguistics of the University of Pittsburgh from February 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016, he will be working on a research project concerning the cultivation of excellent pre-service English teachers at Normal Universities and working with the faculty and students at the English Language Institute. His research interests are in TEFL, applied linguistics, pragmatics, second language acquisition, and English teacher education.

Office location: 2806 Cathedral of Learning, Pittsburgh



Jana Lokajova

(sponsor: E. Maxine Bruhns, Nationality Rooms)

Jana is a visiting scholar from the Centre of languages at Slovak technical university (STU). She studied at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague where she majored in English linguistics and Slavic studies (2011). Her M.A. thesis dealt with the discourse analysis of communicative strategies that American and British politicians were using in one-to-one interviews; particularly with the concept of political 'non-replying' and 'evasiveness'. As an instructor of English for Science and Engineering at STU, she focuses on the didactic aspect of appropriateness in the course material development and design (2011-2015). In September 2015 she was awarded the Ruth Crawford Mitchell Fellowship Grant at University of Pittsburgh to conduct her research into lexical analysis of different technical English texts.

Jana’s interests include computational linguistics and second language acquisition. In the future, she would like to devise series of e-learning language modules for less commonly taught languages and also help develop online Slovak corpus database.

Office location: 1217-J


Ibrahim Salim

(Sponsor: Dr. Lori Levin)
Assiut University, Egypt

Ibrahim Salim is a faculty member at the College of Arts of Assiut University in Egypt. He was awarded a fellowship of Assiut University to pursue research in the United States of America as a visiting scholar. His research interests include lexical semantics, morpho-syntax, and translation theory and translation studies. His current studies are mainly concerned with the linguistic problems involved in translating the meanings of the Holy Qur’an from Arabic into English. His research is being carried out under the guidance of his advisor Lori Levin, Research Professor at the Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.

Contact Information Cell: 412-519-2098 E-mail:

Classes Taught


Past Visitors

Iskra Iskrova

postdoctoral fellow
(sponsor: Dr. Shelome Gooden)

Robert Lawson

(sponsor: Dr. Scott Kiesling)
Birmingham City University, UK

Dr Robert Lawson, a faculty member from Birmingham City University, is the 2012/13 holder of the Scottish Studies Fulbright Award and is spending a year at the University of Pittsburgh on one of the most prestigious and selective scholarship programmes operating world-wide. As a Fulbright Scholar, Robert will be working on a number of projects, including completing a research monograph about language, masculinity and identity in Glasgow, editing a volume on contemporary sociolinguistic research on speech communities in Scotland, and teaching a graduate class on Scottish language and literature.

Created by treaty in 1948, the US-UK Fulbright Commission is the only bi-lateral, transatlantic scholarship programme, offering awards for study or research in any field, at any accredited US or UK university. The Commission is part of the Fulbright programme conceived by Senator J. William Fulbright in the aftermath of World War II to promote leadership, learning and empathy between nations through educational exchange. Award recipients will be the future leaders for tomorrow and support the "special relationship" between the US and UK.

Commenting on receiving the Fulbright Scottish Studies award, Robert said: "There are strong links between Pittsburgh and Scotland, particularly through people like Andrew Carnegie and John Forbes, and there are even some remnants of Scots vocabulary in Pittsburgh English. It's great to be able to help build links between institutions in both Pittsburgh and Scotland and I'm very lucky to have the opportunity during my time at the University of Pittsburgh to not only develop my research on urban adolescent language use and to learn from some of the international leaders in the field of sociolinguistics, but also to share the history and culture of Scotland with the people I meet here.'

Liya Xue

(sponsor: Dr. Shelome Gooden)

Zhejiang University, China

Liya Xue, a faculty member from the School of International Studies of Zhejiang University in China. She was awarded a fellowship of Zhejiang University to pursue her research in the United States of America as a visiting scholar for one year after the rigid academic evaluation process organized by Zhejiang University in 2013. Her research interests include speech prosody and second language acquisition. Her current studies are mainly concerned with English prosodic disambiguation by Mandarin-speaking ESL learners and English native speakers. Some perception and production experiments are being carried out under the guidance of her advisor Professor Shelome Gooden. Liya is looking forward to meeting new friends in Pittsburgh.

Baoguo Zhou

(sponsor: Dr. Alan Juffs)
Wuhan University, China

Dr. Zhou, Professor of Linguistics, College of Foreign Languages, Wuhan University, China, Director of the Research Institute for Applied Linguistics of Wuhan University, Council member of China Association of Second Language Acquisition Research, Executive member of China Association of Language and Education, is a senior visiting scholar to the department of linguistics of the University of Pittsburgh, from November 2012 to May 2013. His main research interests are linguistic theory, second language acquisition, and language testing. While at the University of Pittsburgh, he will be working on two research projects, one concerning acquisition of English articles by Chinese EFL learners, and the other dealing with Chinese learners' mapping of mental time framing in English discourse.

Office location: CL 2806 Pittsburgh

Phone: 412-206-9687