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University of Pittsburgh

Alan Juffs

Alan Juffs Professor of Linguistics
Director of English Language Institute
Center Associate, Learning Research Development Center

PhD, McGill University
MA, University of Durham
BA, University of London

Contact Info:

2833 Cathedral of Learning
Department of Linguistics
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Phone: 412-624-5901


Area of Specialization

Linguistic theory

Second Language Acquisition

Syntax and semantics


Working memory and sentence processing


Selected Publications

Juffs, A., & Rodríguez, G. A. (2014). Second language sentence processing. New York: Routledge.

Juffs, A., & Friedline, B. E. (2014). Sociocultural influences on the use of a web-based tool for learning English vocabulary. System, 42(2), 137-166.

Juffs, A., & Harrington, M. W. (2011). Aspects of working memory in L2. Language Teaching, 44(2), 137-166. Juffs, A. (2009). Second language acquisition of the lexicon. In W. Ritchie & T. K. Bhatia (Eds.), The New Handbook of Second Language Acquisition (pp. 181-205). Leeds: Emerald.

Juffs, A. (2005). The influence of first language on the processing of wh-movement in English as a second language. Second Language Research, 21, 121-151.

Juffs, A. (1996). Learnability and the lexicon: Theories and second language acquisition research. Amsterdam, Philadelphia, PA: John Benjamins.


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