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University of Pittsburgh

Faculty in Centers

In addition to the core linguistics program, the department is home to three centers. Below are lists of faculty members who belong to respective centers.

ELI Faculty

Full information on ELI faculty can be found at the ELI web site.
Name Position Courses Taught
Alan Juffs Full Professor; ELI Director See faculty page
Dawn E. McCormick Senior Lecturer; ELI Associate Director; TESOL Certificate Program Advisor See faculty page
Dorolyn Smith Lecturer; ELI Associate Director See faculty page
Greg Mizera Lecturer; ELI Research and Publications Supervisor See faculty page
Heather McNaught Assistant Instructor; ELI Assessment Supervisor
M. Christine O'Neill Assistant Instructor; ELI External Standards Supervisor
Rob Mucklo Assitant Instructor; ELI Special Programs and Activities Coordinator
Stacy Ranson Assistant Instructor; ELI Student Services Supervisor
Ece Ulus Assistant Instructor
Mike Chirdon-Jones Part-Time Instructor
Betsy Davis Part-Time Instructor
Erin Frankel Part-Time Instructor
Carol Harmatz Part-Time Instructor
Brianne Harrison Part-Time Instructor
Jen Kenna Part-Time Instructor
Sally Kim Part-Time Instructor
Luann Pengidore Part-Time Instructor
Bill Price Part-Time Instructor
Virginia Robson Visiting Assistant Instructor
Rebecca Wojcik Part-Time Instructor
Andy Yaros Part-Time Instructor

LCTL Faculty

Full information on LCTL faculty can be found at the LCTL web site.
Name Position Courses Taught
Claude E. Mauk Senior Lecturer; Director See faculty page
Amani Attia Lecturer; Arabic Coordinator Arabic (Egyptian)
Abdesalam Soudi Lecturer Arabic Linguistics, LING 1900 Linguistic Consulting/ Internship
Kenny DeHaan Assistant Instructor ASL
Rasha Al-Hashimi Assistant Instructor Arabic (Levantine)
Ola Abd Elsalam Part-Time Instructor Arabic (Egyptian)
Amro Elaswalli Part-Time Instructor Arabic (Egyptian)
Anthony Verrardi Part-Time Instructor Arabic (Levantine)
Debra Hast Assistant Instructor; ASL Coordinator ASL
Maryjean (Mj) Shahen Assistant Instructor ASL
Erin (Airza) Bosley Assistant Instructor ASL
Eva Albertsson Assistant Instructor Swedish
Shukuh Ghaznavi Part-Time Instructor Persian
Filipo Lubua Assistant Instructor Swahili
Leonora Kivuva Part-Time Instructor Swahili
Nur Lider Assistant Instructor Turkish
Hanh Nguyen Part-Time Instructor Vietnamese
Areti Papanastasiou Part-Time Instructor Modern Greek
Luke Peterson Part-Time Instructor Arabic (Levantine)
Zac Tillman Part-Time Instructor Arabic (Egyptian)
Sugandha Verma Part-Time Instructor Hindi
Marie Young Assistant Instructor Irish Gaeilge
Alana DeLoge Assistant Instructor Quechua

RHLMC Faculty

Name Position Courses Taught
Na-Rae Han Lecturer; Director See faculty page