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University of Pittsburgh

Affiliated Faculty

Laura C. Brown

PhD, University of Michigan

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh. Ethnicity, Nationalism and the State, South Asia, Language and Culture

Richard Donato

PhD, University of Delaware

Associate professor of foreign language education, linguistics, and French, University of Pittsburgh: Applied linguistics, second and foreign language acquisition, early language learning, classroom discourse analysis, sociocultural theory

Paul J. Hopper

PhD, University of Texas

Paul Mellon Distinguished Professor of Humanities, Carnegie Mellon University: Discourse analysis, discourse and grammar, Germanic languages, Indo-European, Austronesian

Barbara Johnstone

PhD, University of Michigan

Professor of rhetoric and linguistics, Carnegie Mellon University: Discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, rhetoric

Lori Levin

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Associate professor, Carnegie Mellon University: Lexical-functional grammar, lexical semantics, machine translation, intelligent language tutoring

Charles Perfetti

PhD, University of Michigan

Professor of psychology and linguistics, University of Pittsburgh: Psycholinguistics, reading, comprehension, language and writing system comparisons

Mandy Simons

PhD, Cornell University

Professor of philosophy, Carnegie Mellon University: Natural language semantics and pragmatics, philosophy of language, discourse and context

Natasha Tokowicz

PhD, The Pennsylvania State University

Associate professor, Department of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh: Adult second language learning, bilingualism, within and cross-language lexical ambiguity, semantic representation within and across languages

G. Richard Tucker

PhD, McGill University

Paul Mellon Distinguished Professor of applied linguistics and head, Department of Modern Languages, Carnegie Mellon University: Applied linguistics, individual differences in second language acquisition, bilingual education, language policy and planning

Tessa Warren

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Associate professor, Department of Psychology: Adult sentence comprehension; syntactic, semantic and referential processing; the relation of higher-level language processing to eye-movements during reading



Emeriti Faculty

Terrence Kaufman

PhD, University of California at Berkeley

Professor emeritus of linguistics and anthropology: Mesoamerican languages descriptive and historical, especially Mayan, Mixe-Zoquean, Zapotecan, and Nahua; language contact, dialectology, archaeological decipherment, lexicography, and cognitive anthropology; Indo-European, Germanic, history of English, and Romani

Lionel Menasche

PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Lecturer in linguistics and associate director of the English Language Institute: TESOL, materials development