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University of Pittsburgh

Alumni Employment

A selection of PhD Graduates since 1995

All of the PhD students who have graduated since 1990 have jobs in academic departments or industry, either in their home country or in the United States.

Name year position
Martin, Katherine 2015 Assistant Professor
Department of Linguistics
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Carrie Bonilla   George Mason University
Michael Olsen   University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Collister, Lauren B. 2013 Electronic Publications Associate, Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing, University Library System, University of Pittsburgh
Draucker, Fawn T 2013 Data Specialist for Amazon
Marcos Miguel, Nausica  

Assistant Professor

Denison University

Casey, Christina Schoux  

Assistant Professor

Aalborg University

Geda, Kristopher J. 2013 Lecturer in English for Foreign Students Stanford Language Center, Stanford University
Bonilla, Carrie 2012

Postdoctoral Fellow

Center of Advanced Study of Languages

University of Maryland

Brubaker, Brian 2012

P/T ESL Instructor

English Language Institute

University of Pittsburgh

Chan, (Derek) Ho Leung 2012

Tenure Track Assistant Professor

Dept of English Language & Literature

University of Singapore

Luk, (Zoe) Pei-sui 2012

Tenure Track Lecturer

Hong Kong Institute of Education

Vercellotti, Mary Lou 2012

Assistant Professor

Department of English

Ball State University

Aranovich, Roberto 2011

Natural Language Processing Linguistics Analyst


Martelle, Wendy 2011

Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics

University of Alaska

Eberhardt, Maeve 2009

Assistant Professor

Dept of Romance Languages and Program of Linguistics

University of Vermont

Fuentes-Morales, Rocio 2008

Assistant Professor - Tenure Track

Director of the Foreign Language Teacher Education Program

Central Connecticut State University

Rodriguez, Guillermo 2008

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Dept of Romance Languages & Linguistics

University of Vermont

Spinner, Patti 2007 Assistant Professor of Second Language Studies, Michigan State University
Zambrano, Marjorie 2005 Assistant Professor of Spanish, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Vogel, Alan 2003 Senior Linguist, Summer Institute of Linguistics, Brazil
MacLaughlin, Susanne ABD 2001 Assistant Professor and Director, Roosevelt University, Chicago
Larson-Hall, Jenifer 2001 Assistant Professor, Linguistics and Technical Communications, University of North Texas
Patrick-André Mather 2000 Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, Graduate Program in Linguistics, Universidad de Puerto Rico
Peckham, Donald 2000 Assistant Professor , University of Szeged, Hungary
Fenyvesi, Anna 1998 Associate Professor, Director of Institute, Department of English, University of Szeged, Hungary
Grondona, Veronica 1998 Assistant Professor, English Department, Eastern Michigan University
Sandalo, Filomena 1996 Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, State University of Campinas, Brazil
Watt, Jonathan 1995 Faculty Member, Geneva College, PA


A selection of recent MA graduates and their current positions.

Name year position
Hatfield, Daniel 2013 English Language Teaching Fellow, UAE
Cherewka, Alexis


2014 ESL Instructor, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Adler, Elizabeth 2012

P/T ESL Instructor

ELI, University of Pittsburgh

Tanaka, Nozomi 2011

PhD in Linguistics, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Assistant Professor, Indiana University Bloomington

Rehak, Kimmy 2010

Item Development Mgr.

Avant Assessment, LLC

Andrews, Sally 2009

Director of Educational Planning, Seattle,

Tutor, Seattle, Learn it Systems

Christophe, Crystal 2009

English Language Instructor

Sejong University, Republic of Korea

Stehle, Megan 2009

Teacher and the Outreach Supervisor, English Language Institute,

University of Pittsburgh

Wojcik, Rebecca 2009

Instructor of ESL,

University of Pittsburgh.

Sallay, David 2008

English Lecturer ,

Qatar University's English foundation program in Doha, Qatar

Feigenbaum, Ellen 2007

Spanish Instructor,

University of Central Florida

Ozcelik, Oner 2006

Assistant Professor ,

Department of Central Eurasian Studies

Indiana University, Bloomington

Bernfeld, Tamar 2004

Teacher, English Language Institute,

University of Pittsburgh

Lange, Rachel 2004

Supervisor, Common Educational Proficiency Assessment

Ministry of Higher Education, Abu Dhabi

Johnson, Jeff 2003 Assessment Specialist, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ
Herman, Marcie 2001 Assistant Professor and Director, Roosevelt University, Chicago
Kolenich, Peter 2001 ESL Instructor, ELI University of Pittsburgh.
Montgomery, Jesse 2001 Computational linguist at a software company in Pittsburgh.
Horst, Jaime 2001 Part-time instructor, University of Pittsburgh.
Yinling, Tan 2001 Fieldworker with the Summer Institute for Linguistics.
Fortin, Catherine 2001

Assistant professor of linguistics,

Carleton College, in Northfield, Minnesota

Jayaram, Nandini 2000 PhD program, Communication Disorders, Pitt.
DeWaard, Machteld 1999 Systems Executive for Berg Publishers, Oxford.
Davis, Suzannah 1999


Centre for English Language Education

University of Nottingham Ningbo, China

Coyan, Sean 1999 Lawyer, CIA, Washington, DC
Skemp, Kerry 1999 German Instructor, Penn Hills High School.
Sicoli, Mark 1999

Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Georgetown University

Smith, John 1998 PhD program in Education, Pitt.
Rankin, James 1998 Apple, NYC, (Web design).
di Gennaro, Kristen 1998 ESL at Pace University, NYC.
Goldschneider, Jenifer 1998 Software designer, Cincinnati.
Pylkkanen, Mariliina 1997

Associate Professor of Linguistics, Psychology

Department of Linguistics

New York University

Strouse, Dee 1997 PhD program in Education, Pitt.
Cronk, Holly 1997 ESL Instructor, CA.
Taylor, Clay 1997 PhD program in Linguistics, Rutgers
Markizon, Jannine 1996 Computer Co. Logica, CO.