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University of Pittsburgh


What We Do

Graduate students attending a conference.

Graduate students in the Department of Linguistics are unlocking the mysteries of human communication.

Several are investigating how people who speak different dialects of the same language make judgments about each others’ personality, intellect, or social status. Some are examining ways that people learn second languages, with an eye toward improving education and understanding how our brains process oral and written communication. Still others are working to improve the way computers are used to teach language skills.


While our programs are demanding, the level of support you’ll receive from our faculty and your student colleagues is impressive—we pride ourselves on a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, and we limit the number of candidates each year to maintain a low student-faculty ratio.

Our Programs

Our MA Program has been recognized as one of the best in the country, especially for students interested in teaching English as a second language. Our PhD students are working side-by-side with our faculty on highly specialized research into American Indian languages, psycholinguistics, and sociolinguistics.

Join Us

Read about some of the groundbreaking scholarship being done by our master’s and doctoral candidates—and if you’re committed to pursuing a career in linguistics, we hope you’ll consider joining them.