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University of Pittsburgh


General and Descriptive Linguistics

General Linguistics

Linguistics concerns itself with the fundamental questions of what language is and how it is related to other human faculties. In answering these questions, linguists consider language as a cultural, social, and psychological phenomenon and seek to determine what is unique in languages, what is universal, how language is acquired, and how it changes. Linguistics is, therefore, one of the cognitive sciences; it provides a link between the humanities and the social sciences, as well as education and hearing and speech sciences.

Descriptive Linguistics

Descriptive linguistics is a branch of linguistics that studies how languages are structured. Research is undertaken in a wide variety of languages. We also offer a graduate program in Hispanic linguistics. This long-standing program incorporates a broad area of research and training in this growing and dynamic field.

General and Descriptive Linguistics Courses

NOTE: Courses offered on a regular basis (annually or semi-annually) are marked in bold. Other courses may be offered infrequently or may not be currently active. For information on individual courses, please refer to this A&S Course Descriptions page.

Coures Descriptions
LING 0080 Aspects of Language
LING 1000 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 1578/2578 Phonetics and Phonemics
LING 1579/2579 Phonology
LING 1682/2682 Introduction to Semantic Theory
LING 1720/2720 Structure of Sign Languages
LING 1738/2738 Linguistic Structures of English
LING 1773/2773 Morphology
LING 1776 Morphosyntax
LING 1777/2777 Syntactic Theory
LING 1860/2860 Introduction to Historical Linguistics
LING 1930 Introduction to Applied Linguistics
LING 1951 Languages of the World
LING 2197 Teaching of Linguistics
LING 2441 Field Methods in Linguistics
LING 2468 Regional Dialectology
LING 2580 Topics in Phonological Theory
LING 2681 Pragmatics
LING 2761 Discourse Analysis
LING 2770 Seminar: Structural Approach to Language
LING 2774 Seminar: Current Issues in Syntax
LING 2775 Universal Grammar
LING 2778 Readings in Syntax
LING 2787 Alternative Syntactic Theories
LING 2861 Topics in Historical Linguistics