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Maintenance Request

Submit a Request for Webpage Maintenance

Please fill out the following form and press the "Submit" button at the bottom. The information will be sent to the Department Web Masters ( A copy will be sent to your email address. Please allow 2-3 business days for your request to be processed.

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Address of the web page to be edited:


What should be changed or added:

(Please be as specific as possible. It helps us if you tell us exactly what text should be replaced by what, e.g., "Please change '...' on the page to '...'". For a news or announcement item, we appreciate you providing the exact wording, e.g., "Congratulations to new graduates! Department graduation party is scheduled on May 1.")

Got questions? We have answers!

Q: I would like to post a document file on a web page, but I don't see an upload link.
A: Please first submit this form, and then email the document separately to as an attachment.

Q: Can I submit any file format?
A: PDF is the preferred file format for web posting. Please convert your MS-Doc or other document files to PDF if you can. Otherwise, we will do the conversion for you before posting the document.

Q: I would like to make my own personal home page. Can you help?
A: Faculty members are given their own department-hosted home page (such as this one), and we can certainly help. Graduate students (and faculty) can have their own Pitt-hosted home page (such as this one). These pages are outside of the department's web domain and therefore cannot be managed by us. Pitt's CSSD has instructions on how to build personal web pages, available here, here and here. Additionally, LMC offers workshop sessions on homepage building every semester.

Q: Can we have features such as ... on our department web site?
A: Most fancy "bells-and-whistles" web functionalities you see on the web these days require serious programming work, which we are not equipped to do. Every year, departments seeking to implement major upgrades on their sites can turn in a proposal to the University Marketing Communications. Please send us your ideas, and we will review them to see if we can make them a part of the next round of site upgrade proposal.